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Chinese Acrobats

So, for the past few days I went on vacation to Branson, MO. While there we went to see a Chinese Circus! It was very cool, and we got to sit in the middle of the front row! The performers are from Shanghai and don’t speak any english, which is unfortunate…Some of the guys were really cute…I did get a picture with one of them after the show though and that’s enough for me ^^ My daddy also bought their dvd so I can watch it whenever I want and I got autographs from all of the performers. I suggest anyone planning a trip to Branson to go see the show because it was amazing!


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Happy Late Easter! E=3

Yesterday was Easter and it was also my cousin’s birthday so my family and I celebrated both at our house. My little cousins had an Easter egg hunt and we had an Oreo+mint ice cream cake, yum~

On Saturday, I bought a pair of cute nude high heel/pumps to wear with my prom dress. Today I went out to lunch with my mom and sister, then I had to go to my tennis game. I had to play with the JV team today because a few of their players were missing so they had Ashley (#5 varsity) and I (#6 varsity) play #1 and #2 on the JV team. I lost my singles match, but I did well; I was losing at first 2-5 but I brought it back up to 6-6 and then I lost the tie-breaker. =/ Ashley and I also got to a tie-breaker in our doubles match, but we ended up winning. I did really well I think, especially since I am not quite used to my new tennis racquet yet.

Any-who, today was the last day of my Easter break, I’m not really looking forward to school tomorrow, but I’ve missed a couple of my friends, I guess. Also, we haven’t had tennis practice in a little more than a week, so I’m kind of glad we have practice tomorrow, ha ha! I think I’m going to bed soon so good-nighty!


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Tennis Practice!

I had my first tennis practice of the season today, it would’ve been yesterday, but our coach was sick and cancelled. I was so exausted after practice, my throat is still a bit soar from running ^^”. I really need to get in shape…

Anywho, this morning was fun, my friend Riva(one of my friends from China) and I sang part of the song “Kan Guo Lai” by Richie Ren to Bill (his chinese name is Jingbiao ;]). Bill is a junior like me, but he is actually 19 years old! (he’s really cute even though he doesn’t speak english well…it actually makes him cuter!)

  Another great thing about today is that I no longer have an F in English! Now I have no F’s in any of my classes! Also, in study hall, I grabbed a blood drive sign-up sheet. I have only donated once before and it wasn’t exactly a good experience but it’s cool knowing that donating once can save 3 people’s lives! I also have the universal blood type (O negative) so I feel like thats even more of a reason that I should donate.  


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