Almost Passed Out…Again!

02 Mar

So, the school blood drive was today. I was a little worried at first because I thought I was late but as it turns out my english teacher’s clock is a whole hour fast! So I waited about a half hour to an hour before I was able to answer their questions before being able to donate(didn’t know exactly how to word that…). Once I was laid down in one of the donor chairs, I started getting nervous. Last time I donated, when they stuck the needle in my arm they didn’t hit a vein so instead of taking the needle out of my arm, the nurse decided to move the needle around under the skin and stab it into a nearby vein(I watched as she did this because after feeling the needle go in I thought it was over…I was wrong). This time thankfully she hit the vein the first time; although, it felt like she was taking her sweet time with the needle<.<“. Just like last time, though, I started feeling nausious and got really warm. I had to say something about it four times before they heard me and came over to help. The wierdest part for me is when they put the cold fan on me and I was freezing and sweating at the same time. I was so dizzy, I just wanted to close my eyes and take a nice looooong nap! It was so hard to keep myself from passing out; I could compare it to running, you just have to keep pushing yourself no matter how painful it is at that moment because once it’s over there are more benefits than losses! For example, running makes your legs stronger, improves your cardiovascular health, and it can help manage weight; maybe blood donation isn’t that beneficial to you, but just donating one pint of blood can save up to 3 lives! That’s right, 3, and that’s just from one person! Plus it’s not like it hurts the whole day, I felt much better just having the needle removed from my arm!

If you have never donated before and would like to, I definatly suggest it! Even if it does hurt, the pain is only for a little while! Like a famous quote says, “No pain, no gain!”


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