Tennis Cancelled =[ + A Bad Day…

27 Feb

Today was a bad day for me. It was such beautiful weather outside yesterday, this morning it was about 20 degrees Fereinheit…and I wasn’t wearing a jacket (because I had a school sweatshirt on) BRR! I was excited for two reasons today: start of tennis practices and I made my first bento for lunch. =] When lunch finally came, I accidentally knocked half of my uneaten lunch on the ground TT~TT so the only thing left that I had to eat was my overcooked mushy rice <_<” Then in study hall my teacher felt the need to remind me of the F I have in English. The only reason I have an F in English though is because right now we are preparing for the ACT and when we were taking a practice ACT English Test; for those who are not framiliar with the ACT English Test, it consists of about 4-6(can’t remember the exact number) passages that you must read and then answer questions about. Well, stupid me forgot to answer any of the questions for the last passage… I ended up scoring an 18 out of 36 as opposed to the 22 out of 36 that I got the first time I took the practice ACT English Test. Since my score not only did not improved but actually got worse, this dropped my grade to an F… TT_TT

Anyways, (sorry, I got a bit off topic, but I thought I should explain…) The last thing that added to my bad day was that at the end of the day, what do I hear over the announcements? “Tennis practice is cancelled for today.” TT.TT

After that I called my parents to come pick me up and then ended up waiting a half hour in the waiting room at our orthodontist’s office <.< At least my mom bought me some McDonald’s to make up for my ruined lunch. Then we went home and I finnished that DS game I just bought this weekend (I talked about it in my previous post) and that’s about it… Bye!

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