Today’s Adventure and Start of Tennis Season!

26 Feb

Today, I went to church, had brunch with my mom and sister at a local diner, then we went to a few stores by my dad’s work. We stopped at Old Navy and I bought a couple shirts and some new athletic shorts for tennis practice (which begins tomorrow yay!). I also started playing a new ds game today that I got at K-Mart yesterday for $15! It’s called ‘Witch’s Wish’ it’s a really cute E rated game and if you get the chance to try it I suggest you do it is really interesting and the art is drawn in a cute anime style ^w^. It does seem like a very short game though, it seems like I’m almost finnished. Anywho, right now I’m making some rice for my lunch tomorrow, I can’t wait to bring my cute little bento box to school tomorrow! It took me forever to find our rice cooker though…I really need to learn how to plan things out better.

That’s all for today! Tomorrow I’ll try to tell you guys how my first tennis practice of the season went! Ja ne! (‘Later’ or ‘see you’ in Japanese) 

~Holly/Lilmeew (=^w^=)

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